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What to Wear on Your Bike

Don’t Wear Panties with Your Chamois or What to Wear on Your Bike So you’re ready to ride your bike, but what the heck do you actually wear? I am a firm believer that it’s your ride and you should be comfortable, so whatever that means for you, then go...

How to Become a Cyclist

So you want to be a cyclist? It’s pretty easy! It goes kinda like this:  Get a bike.  Ride it.  Seriously, it is that easy, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Just get on your bike and ride it.   There are all kinds of cyclists out there: roadies, mountain bikers,...
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Freedom and Voice on the Saddle of a Bike

I have no business being on this bike, says the little voice in my head. But it isn’t my voice. No, this is the voice of dissenting parents, doctors, and a controlling spouse telling me I’m too weak, too sick, too small, too busy and I’m just wasting my time...