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Pete’s Post: Week 4


After a disappointing end to last week, today was a better day, still feeling a little unwell, perhaps the stress of starting the new role, my training, and life in general. We need to remember some times we are only human, and it’s ok to admit when we need a good chat from a close mate.

The workout today was a simple 45min Zone1 Recovery, just what I needed with great friends on a Zwift meetup. I know I can never feel sad when I’m with my riding buddies, laughing, making jokes about each other


This week is the TeamZF Social Tour Race week, and for something different, we are heading to Crit City for 10 laps, 20kms of this fast exciting little circuit. Our race format is all about fun. We don’t take the results too seriously, so it’s a great opportunity for new riders to experience racing with a supportive group.

A great bunch joined in the fun, it’s always a great workout. Today was a day for the ladies, in a battle that went down to the wire. Check out the final moments on the impact of team tactics, and well-timed sprints:


Wednesday this week was an amazing (sarcasm) from Coach Pav, with an increase to 17 intervals up from last week.

I’m not lying when I’m saying it was tough! With the help my some amazing friend’s on our video chat, they pushed me to get through the last few efforts.

I have been struggling a bit this week, feeling a bit overwhelmed with my busy lifestyle. Tomorrow is a short recovery day, time to recharge the batteries!


I needed to take Thursday off, mentally not strong today. Having been on the road all day, over 450kms driving on country roads, I decided an early night was needed, and let’s see how we feel tomorrow.


Friday, one of my favorite days of the week! Well, up to the point where I check what workout Coach Pav has installed for me. Remember the Max 10sec Sprint intervals ?? Well, double that, now we are doing 20sec sprints !!!!

I’m glad I rested my legs yesterday now !!!

We have also seen some updates on Zwift today, the new release of the Neokyo expansion to the Makuri Island, and we have been chosen to test some new Zwift Club features in-game.

I got stuck into the workout early today, I knew it was going to be tough, I was feeling strong mentally to attack this.

The 20sec was a challenge, and I wasn’t too sure what to expect from my efforts. Coach had set a baseline of 800w, and the target was to stay above this.

Wondering how I did today? Check it out here:

After the workout, I had a new feature Private event I set up earlier in the day. The plan was just to spin the legs, nothing too crazy, and test out the new event page. 

It was really easy to set up the event, and there were no issues for the 60min ride. This is going to be a great new feature for the platform, and ride organizers alike.

It won’t be long till we will be able to do Private Event Workouts together, and you can all suffer with me !!!!


This Saturday Ride was a touch special, tonight we were the first Team to hold a Public Group Ride in the all-new Neokyo expansion. Over 300 riders joined in the fun, as we rode 30kms around the beautiful neon lights, Zwift really hit the mark on this update. For me, this was a steady ride in zones 1 & 2, a little bit of a race towards the end to stretch the legs, not nothing too extreme for me tonight.


Sunday has arrived, and sometimes we have some more battles than just fatigued legs. Today I’m not in a good place, I spent most part of the day in bed, stressed, depressed, feeling sorry for myself. I have a lot going on, I don’t help it, by taking on new things all the time, I just like to be busy! But some days it catches up with me, and it’s me hard.

I will be opening up a bit more about some of my struggles in later releases, but for today, I just need to spend some time with a focus on myself and do some relaxing.

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