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9 Cycling Books You Need to Order Today to Increase Your Speed, Skill, and Fun on the Bike 

I’ll admit it. I was THAT kid. The nerdy one that read under the covers with a flashlight into the early hours of the morning, while the rest of my house was fast asleep. It seems, though, I’m still THAT kid. But I don’t have to sneak books into my bed any longer. Most of them, I load up on my Kindle, so there’s no need for a flashlight, either. 

I’m still THAT kid; still reading late into the night, still devouring bikes while the rest of the house is quiet. Gone are the days of reading Nancy Drew mysterious and Romana Quimby; now many of the books I devour again and again circle around cycling. 

The next best thing to riding might just be reading about riding, so here are a few of my favorite books to inspire your next trip on the bike! 

  1. The Guide to Truly Effective Cycling: Learn to Self-Coach

By Pav Bryan

I had the pleasure of working with Pav when he created a personalized training program for me. Pav has a kind, wholistic approach to training, nutrition, and cycling. I was thrilled with the progress I made under his guidance – he really knows his stuff and cares about his people. 

2. The Bicycling Big Book of Bicycling For Women: Everything You Need to Know for Whatever, Whenever, and Wherever You Ride

By Selene Yeager

Talk about refreshing! Selene Yeager doesn’t just love cycling; she loves helping women feel more comfortable cycling, too. All of those questions you were afraid to ask or didn’t know to ask – she answers! This is a great book for beginner and established female cyclists, alike. 

3. The Fastest Bicycle Rider in the World

By Marshall W “Major” Taylor

If you don’t know the story of Major Taylor, you need to read this book. He was the world’s first black sports superstar, setting track cycling records, and earning the title of world cycling champion in 1899 and American sprint champion in 1900. 

4. Feed Zone Portables: A Cookbook of On-the-Go Food for Athletes (The Feed Zone Series) 

By Thomas Biju

One of the highlights of any bike ride is of course, the snacks. You need to stay well-fueled both on and off the bike if you’re going to ride strong and finish well. Break away from a steady diet of gels and gus and try some of these amazing recipes – especially the rice cakes! 

5. The Midlife Cyclist: The Road Map for the +40 Rider Who Wants to Train Hard, Ride Fast and Stay Healthy

By Phil Cavell

We don’t have to give up riding – we can still train hard and ride fast. Phil’s guide shows us how to train effectively in our 40s and beyond. 

6. Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life

By Friel Joe

Once up on a time, it was recommended that we slow down as we age. But that just isn’t true – you can continue riding and racing strong for as long as you want with Fast after 50. 

7. CLIMB! Conquer Hills, Get Lean, and Elevate Every Ride

By Bicycling 

Hills were my nemesis for a very long time. Ok, they still are, but at least I’ve gotten better thanks to Bicycling’s Climb! This bike teaches techniques for getting up and over those tough climbs. There’s a tough climb down the road from me that’s mentioned in this book – I think I better go read it again so I can get it done. 

8. Get Fast!: A Complete Guide to Gaining Speed Wherever You Ride (Bicycling)

By Selene Yeager

I’m always looking to ride faster and further, and this winning book from Selene has great advice on how to do so. She talks about fitness, nutrition, stretching, and of course, mental fortitude. This book helped me grow my ‘grit’ so I could get faster. 

9. Gravel Gravel, it’s the latest greatest thing on two wheels. But it requires its own sort of skill and expertise. But Gravel will get you well on your way. I’ll be re-reading this book before my next gravel event! 

What other books should be on my reading list? Let me know which cycling books have helped you in your fitness journey – I would love to read them!

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